Fuze Card: Your Whole Wallet in One Card

By Fuze Card

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The affordable smart card that consolidates your entire wallet.




Instantly clear your data and cards from Fuze Card if lost.

Receive notifications when you’ve left Fuze Card behind or if it’s on the move without you.

Lasts 30 days per charge. Portable power bank holds 1 extra charge for travel.

All your cards and finances easily accessible in seconds.


EMV chip technology available. Secured EMV chip will not work until bank approvals are in place – Starting in January2018.

Fuze Card is fully developed and working with ISO and FCC certifications. Inside, Fuze Card contains a re-writable EMV chip that can support multiple cards and  payment information. At this time, compatibility with your card depends on individual agreements with banks.
A Trusted Service Management (TSM) server (meeting all financial institution requirements) will be up and running in October. This server will work as middleman to handle enhanced security without exposing bank system keys associated with EMV chip technology. See FAQ for more information.


Handing over your card to a waiter? Select a single card to use when Fuze is out of Bluetooth range. Fuze will automatically lock after the transaction is complete.


Toggle cards quickly with just the push of a button. See your cards displayed clearly on Fuze Card’s E-Paper display.


Whether it’s at your favorite restaurant, a farmer’s market, or even the ATM,  Fuze Card works seamlessly.

* ID and access card compatibility only available through Fuze Card with EMV chip technology.


No matter the type, the bank, or how you use it, Fuze Card can handle all of your cards.








While Fuze Card can work everywhere traditional plastic cards are accepted, adding an EMV Chip is more secure. The secure EMV Chip will work for Fuze Card once bank approvals are in place – starting January 2018.

Once we hit 850K, every perk will include a free attachable Fuze Card Sleeve.If you purchase the 2X pack (that’s 2 Fuze Cards now, and 2 EMV cards later), you will receive 2 free sleeve cards.


We’ve completed several successful real-world tests in South Korea, putting Fuze in the hands of beta testers starting in November, 2016.

Here are a few highlights (All translated from Korean):
  • “Pros: Easy to use, light, no need to take out smartphone, do not need to worry about dropping [unlike smartphones], simplifies your wallet… I was pretty amazed.” – G. Lee, via Facebook
  • “I added my points cards and membership cards to pay for movie tickets at CGV [Cinemas]… It also worked without any problem at Paris Baguette.” – S. Quinee, Blogger
  • “It’s exactly same size as my other credit cards… It’s pretty amazing that they have packed this much technology into a card as thin as this” – F. Leinger, Blogger, Naver.com
  • “I first used the card at a convenience store… works without a hitch. Amazing. Out of all the smart cards I pre-ordered, it’s first smart card that I can actually hold in my hand.” – M. Daeng, Blogger, Naver.com

The free, secure iOS and Android app lets you easily set up and manage your accounts, cards, and expenses.






It may be the same size as any other card in your wallet, but Fuze Card is built for bigger things.



Our journey began in the early 2000s, when our CEO & Inventor, Jaehun Bae, and his core engineers worked for a company that invented the optical track pad for Blackberry.

The main challenge behind developing optical track pads is the ability to pack everything into a slim module for phones. At the time, Jaehun and his team were the only ones to successfully develop this module.

Our team’s technological expertise and experience has been crucial to the development of the Fuze Card. Smart cards may look simple on the outside, but to pack so many features and tech into an 0.03 inch thin card requires years of research and development, rigorous testing, and countless revisions.

Now we, a team of over 40 individuals with decades of experience, are excited to bring you Fuze, and can’t wait for you to join our community.

Jaehun Bae – CEO, Inventor & Founder
A pioneer in smart device design with 20 years of experience in high-tech product development. Jaehun’s vision is to create a smart digital wallet that revolutionizes the way you manage your wallet.

Taesung Park – CTO, Research & Development
Over 25 years’ experience in bringing innovative products to market. Previously worked on IoT and Smart Devices at Samsung Electronics. Taesung dramatically improved card device technology and the detection rate for POS machines.

Frank Harder – CSO, Strategy & Financial Institution Liaison
Former VP at the Strategy & Innovation Center of Samsung, with extensive experience in the financial industry. Frank now leads the efforts to coordinate business agreements with financial institutions.









We are able to ship worldwide. VAT and GST not included. Please see reward details for the shipping cost that applies to you.


We plan to ship the first batch of Fuze Card without EMV chip technology in July 2017* and Fuze Card with EMV chip technology in January. We will keep you up to date on our progress and the expected delivery date of your order.

*Actual ship dates may vary. We will keep you notified of your product ship date.


By backing now, you’ll get to own one of the very first Fuze Cards ever. Plus, get exclusive access to provide valuable feedback that will shape future generations of the product.



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What is it? Fuze Card is an all-in-one smart card that incorporates magnetic strip/NFC/Bluetooth/EMV technology to merge bank/loyalty/membership/access cards into a single card.
Who created it? Fuze Card was created by BrilliantTS – a group of over 40 individuals with years of experience, we’re excited to bring you Fuze.
Why should we use it? Fuze simplifies your life by thinning your wallet. It gives you that extra security you want with dealing with your finances.
How much does it cost?  Fuze Card will retain from $160 to $210 USD, depending on the version. We’re offering Fuze Card pre-orders starting at $79.
Where can we buy it? Right here on Indiegogo! Pre-order yours today to be one of the first people to get Fuze Card.
What do we get when we order? Your perk order includes a Fuze Card, a user Manual, charging cable, the eCharging doc, and the card eReader.
Why are you crowdfunding? We’re crowdfunding to create a community and help get Fuze Card into the hands of everyone sooner. We need your help with mass production.
Is Fuze Card affiliated with Plastc? Fuze Card is in no way associated with Plastc. We’ve learned much from the Plastc campaign and its unfortunate closing. Unlike Plastc, Fuze Card already has FCC and ISO certifications and we’ve been conducting over 6 months worth of real-world testing in South Korea and the United States. Additionally, all campaign funds are going toward mass production and shipping, not toward further R&D.

If you have concerns about this, please contact us at support@fuzecard.com



What features are available? Fuze Card offers remote lock and wipe technology, NFC and EMV Chip control, and ability to connect to 30 cards.
What colors do you offer? Fuze Card comes only in black.
What sizes do you offer? Fuze Card comes in a single size.
Is it comfortable / attractive / discreet? Fuze Card is 0.03in thin (just like a regular credit card), has flexible display/battery.
Can I use ID and access cards with both versions of the Fuze Card? Fuze Card without EMV Chip technology does not support NFC technology. To use ID and access cards with Fuze Card, you will need the EMV chip version.
Can I have multiple Fuze Cards connected to one Fuze Card account? Not at this time. Only one Fuze Card can be registered to one Fuze Card app account at a time.
If I pre-order the two card option (Fuze Card now + Fuze Card with EMV chip later), will I be able to keep both cards? Yes, you will be able to keep both cards. However, you can only have one card registered to one Fuze Card account at a time.


What is the uniqueness of the technology? Fuze Card offers convenience that derives from consolidating all your cards into a single card with a Mag stripe that has much higher readability rate than any other smart card.
What is the battery life?  The battery will last 30 days of usage on average.
What are the dimensions and weight? Fuze card is 85.5mm x 54mm x 0.8mm. It weighs 6g.
How does it work? After adding all your cards to Fuze Card via smartphone app/reader, you’ll use it like a regular credit card.
Will there be updates to it in the future? Yes, there will be future updated in firmware and through the smartphone application.
How does it integrate with other connected devices?  Fuze card uses Bluetooth & NFC technology.
Is it waterproof? Fuze Card is water resistant.
Where is it manufactured? Currently manufacturing is in South Korea.


Does it have an app? Which phones does it work with? Yes, the app works with Android phones and iPhones.
When will the app be available? The app is currently available on the app store as bpay manager.
Can we also access app functions on a web browser?  Some of app functions are available on a web browser.
How does the device connect to the app? Fuze Card connects to your phone via a bluetooth connection.
What can we expect from the app? Separation alerts, remote information wipe, the ability to add and remove cards. We’ll be adding more features moving forward.
Will there be updates available through the app? Yes, Fuze Card’s firmware upgrades are available via the app


How do I set it up? You’ll need to download the Fuze Card app, create an account, and load up to 30 card via the eReader for set up. Full instructions will be included with your pre-order.
How do I turn it on and off? Simply press and hold the power button.
How do I control it? via buttons on the card
What is the care and cleaning of it? Fuze Card is water resistant. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth and dry.
Is it dishwasher safe / machine washable? It is not.


What are the recommend ages? Fuze Card is recommended for ages 18 and over.
Where can I use it? You can use it anywhere a magstrip card or barcode card is accepted and most places where EMV chip or NFC technology is accepted.
Is it safe? Fuze Card is safe.
What certifications do you have? We currently have FCC and ISO certifications.
How durable is it? Fuze Card is as durable as your regular credit cards and just as flexible.
How is my privacy protected? All payment information is stored within encrypted chip (AES 256). Your data is not stored in our servers or even on your smartphone app.
How secure is it? There are added features like separation alerts, card location tracking, remote wipe, and tap code entry on the card that add extra security.
Can someone watch or listen to me? No.
Are there any added risks associated with use? No.


When does shipping begin? Shipping will begin in July for Fuze Cards without EMV chips and in January 2018 for Fuze Cards with EMV chips.
When can we expect it to reach our doorsteps? Delivery dates vary, but are expected to deliver within two weeks for US orders.
Where does it ship? Fuze Card ships internationally.
How much is shipping? Shipping is free for US, Canada, and Korea. Shipping $10 per card for each international shipment.
I’m interested in a distribution partnership. Please contact us via info@fuzecard.com
Do I have to pay VAT / GST? Yes – for countries outside the US, depending on your location, you may have to pay VAT/GST.
What are the risks & challenges of getting the device today? While the technology behind Fuze Card is developed and tested, there are many factors that go into delivering a final device to your doorstep, many outside of our control, such as time requirements for certifications, components from chip manufacturers, problems that may arise from international political situations, etc.  We will do everything in our power to meet our commitments, but as with any new consumer device, there is always a risk that a situation outside our control will occur that would prevent us from delivering your purchase.  At this time, negotiations for EMV Chip technology to work with your bank provider are ongoing, and may limit some chip use.


Is there a warranty? We offer a 90-day warranty for any defective devices.
What is your refund policy? Refunds are processed on a case-by-case basis; at some point we will need to lock refunds in order to go into production & shipment. We will not be able to refund orders once they’ve shipped.
How do I choose more than one reward?  To get more than one perk, please make a new contribution for each perk.
How can I check the status of my pre-order? By pre-ordering through Indiegogo, you automatically have an account created. Log back into Indiegogo using the email you pre-ordered, to verify your information.
Why do I have to wait longer than usual? This is not just pre-orders: You’re helping to build the device, and we need to know how many to make before we can start production. This is the first of its kind, and you’ll be glad you waited. We will send you updates while we work to produce the first batch.
If I have other questions, who should I contact? Press: Press@fuzecard.com
Investment Inquiries: info@fuzecard.com
Support: support@fuzecard.com




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  • Backers

    2X Fuze Card + EMV Chip Later Pre-Order 2, SAVE 57%! Get two original Fuze Cards in July 2017 and two Fuze + EMV Chip Cards in January 2018. Items included: Fuze Card (2) Fuze Card With EMV Chip (2)

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    Fuze Card With EMV Chip Pre-order now to SAVE 39%! Items included: Fuze Card With EMV Chip