Three Little Stooges

Investment Terms Security Type: Revenue Participation Rights Round Size: Min: $50,000 Max: $1,070,000 Interest Rate: Adjusted gross proceeds sharing agreement which provides the investors ─ Equity Financiers ─ (along with any others who purchase revenue participation rights in this offering, future…

  • 9% Funded
  • $9,000,000.00 Funded
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    Thanks, Pal: A Special Thank You posted on The Little Stooges website,

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    The Little Stooges Special: Your very own DVD copy of the new Three Little Stooges movie with autographed cover by the Little Stooges, and special Little Stooges Lanyard.

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    Woob, Woob, Woob! Pack: The above DVD plus an autographed 24x36 The Three Little Stooges Movie Poster.

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    Stooge for life Pack: All of the above goodies plus The Three Little Stooges exclusive T-shirt and a limited edition Three Little Stooges Fidget Spinner toy.

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    Knucklehead Swag Pack: All of the above goodies plus a special thank you with your name in the film credits, exclusive Little Stooges mug, and The Three Little Stooges exclusive tote bag to carry all your cool SWAG.

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