Disadvantages of Desktop Based mostly CMMS

By Beike

CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System is software program that permits corporations to maintain track of maintenance that has been accomplished, or can schedule work needing to be achieved in the future. This software program also permits firms to track the price of repairs as nicely combine a variety of preventive maintenance techniques. That being stated there are basically ways in which CMMS software program is implemented.

The first approach that a CMMS resolution is implemented is by utilizing an internet-primarily based approach. What this implies is that the servers that house the software that runs CMMS is typically not the property of the particular company using the CMMS. They basically outsource this process to others. One main reason that is finished is that it allows those who have to have access to the CMMS database can have 24/7/365 entry from anyplace on the planet, as long as they’ve an internet connection.

The second method that CMMS is implemented is the desktop or community approach. The way in which that the desktop method is typically implemented is by allowing the company that requires using the CMMS software to have all control over the hardware and software. This technique is normally applied and maintained by the corporate’s IT department. Whereas there are some advantages and downsides to each approach, the disadvantages of a desktop based mostly method seem to outweigh the advantages.

For one, a significant drawback of a desktop implementation is the access. In case you recall, a web-primarily based CMMS allows you to entry the servers from wherever on the earth, as long as you could have an web connection. This isn’t true with a desktop configuration. With a desktop, you possibly can solely access when you find yourself on your corporations network. Another large disadvantage to a desktop configuration is the high preliminary prices related to making this work.

In case you recall, with a hosted CMMS strategy a third party maintains the server hardware that’s required to run the CMMS software. So, when something goes improper, and it eventually will, you aren’t responsible to fix the server hardware. Not so with a desktop configuration. With a desktop approach if something happens to the hardware zahar02 or software program that runs on your firm servers, your company pays to have it fixed, not to mention the upper start up prices associated with the desktop strategy as it’s important to purchase the hardware and software program yourself.

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